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City of Sydney & University of Sydney

Finding your climate superpower

12A Eddy Ave, Haymarket NSW 2000

Tuesday 4 April from 8pm to 9pm

Get an insight into the expansive and diverse world of climate change activism. 

When we think of climate action, leaders such as Greta Thunberg and street protests come to mind. These figures tend to make headlines, but the quiet collective work of the climate movement is more diverse and innovative than many realise. 

From community organising, to strategic litigation, to shareholder lobbying, there’s no shortage of people and organisations working hard to close the gap between scientific and political reality.

Join Arielle to learn more about our country’s growing ecosystem of climate action and how we can magnify our impact exponentially by working together.


Arielle Gamble is the CEO and co-founder of Groundswell Giving, Australia’s first giving platform for climate action. She is passionate about harnessing the power of collaboration to create meaningful change and about bringing new people and communities into the climate conversation.

Over the past 3 years, she has nurtured Groundswell from a small idea into a 700-strong community of people committed to funding and accelerating climate action in Australia.

Also speaking at SHADES at 6:00PM is Associate Professor Omid Kavehei

About the venue - SHADES

SHADES is the divey pride of EDDY, a temporary creative and cultural precinct in the underbelly of Sydney’s Central Station.

A loving nod to Jim Jarmusch’s 1989 humanist manifesto, Mystery Train, SHADES is here to explore the intersection of sound and vision.

It’s a wine bar in the front, party out back.

From the team behind Golden Age Cinema & Bar, on a regular night you can find a diverse mix of music and cinema events, with live electronic performances and experimental film screenings.

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City of Sydney & University of Sydney