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Film Premiere - Antarctica the Giant Awakens Screening 1

11 York St
Sydney NSW 2000
Sydney Startup Hub

Wednesday 15 May from 11:30am to 1:30pm

In a groundbreaking documentary titled "Antarctica – The Giant Awakens," acclaimed Australian filmmaker Liz Courtney sheds light on the looming threat of sea level rise. Despite Antarctica's geographical distance from the tropical landscapes of Australia, Oceania, and Asia, the rapidly changing Antarctic ice sheet presents a significant danger to these regions, with potential global implications.

The screening includes an introduction by the film director Liz Courtney, and a Q & A session following the film with leading climate scientists and youth ambassadors to explore the impact of our changing climate system, the Great Southern Ocean, Sea Level Rise and Emerging Atmospheric River Systems. 

Directed by Award-Winning Filmmaker Liz Courtney, edited by Karin Steiniger the documentary follows a team of scientists on a mission to Antarctica, led by Prof Benjamin Horton, the Director of The Earth Observatory of Singapore.

Accompanied by renowned Australian Director of Photography Michael Dillon AM, the team endeavors to conduct innovative scientific research, providing critical insights into the pace of Antarctica's rapid melt and its implications for the region and around the globe.

Antarctica, nearly twice the size of Australia, holds 75% of the world's fresh water. However, the Antarctic ice sheet, perched on a bedrock base, is now under threat as colossal ice cliffs surrounding the West Antarctic coastline melt and collapse due to rising temperatures in the Southern Ocean, surpassing previous predictive models.

Prof Horton emphasizes the urgency of understanding the mechanisms driving the melting glaciers, the impact on ocean circulation, sea level rise and the importance of partnerships and teamwork to drive scientific discoveries and solutions.

Beautiful drone footage, captivating wildlife, a frozen land of ice and beauty sets an alluring backdrop to one of the world's hidden climate emergencies and poses the question - Is Antarctica Waking Up? 

Join us for an engaging afternoon of film, discussion and insights including a live cross to Prof Benjamin Horton from the Earth Observatory of Singapore.

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This event is part of Sydney Climate Action week; a series of community-led events from all aspects of the climate action ecosystem running from the 13-17 May 2024. This event is proudly supported by City of Sydney, Greenhouse and Boundless.

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