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Sydney Chinese Orchestra

Dawn (Pò Xiǎo)


Saturday 7 October from 7pm to 9pm

Door opens 30 mins before


Adult: $45-$60

Unveiling a harmonious odyssey: the confluence of cultures in a musical revelation! 

Mark your calendars for the ethereal evening of October 7th as the vivacious baton of young maestro Huang Yanshen gracefully synchronizes with the sublime artistry of the Sydney Chinese Orchestra, flanked by virtuoso Chinese instrumentalists and the resplendent symphony. A symphonic masterpiece is poised to redefine musical horizons, orchestrating a trailblazing foray into the interplay of Eastern and Western harmonies. 

A mesmerizing overture is guaranteed, and for those seeking musical immersion, October 7th shall deliver a crescendo of artistic delight at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. As the stage comes alive, brace yourself for an auditory journey that defies convention, mesmerizing each note-hungry soul in attendance. Prepare for your senses to transcend, and for your heartstrings to resonate with the symphonic legacy of generations past.

Adding yet another layer of virtuosity, the evening shall embrace the melodic mastery of Sydney's celebrated erhu virtuoso Zhang Tuqiang, presenting the evocative sounds of the Qin-style erhu. And the legendary sounds of Hu Weigang's suona shall channel the ancestral echoes of the "Song of a Hundred Birds."

The Sydney Chinese Orchestra (SCO), a dynamic ensemble sculpted by a synergy of tradition and cross-cultural passion, has admirably elevated the bar of Chinese musical prowess within the vibrant tapestry of Sydney. Emboldened by SCO's innovation, transcending mere reinterpretation, these virtuosos have etched their legacy in the sonic chronicles of the city.

With a pioneering spirit, SCO has ventured beyond performance, zealously delving into the heart of tradition through the lens of contemporary expression. Traditional forms of Chinese folk music, including ceremonial tunes, comedic duets, resonant Guangdong melodies, and the profound strains of Qin-style compositions have all found a renewed voice through SCO's meticulous preservation. Moreover, this collective has proudly embraced collaborations with accomplished Australian composers, birthing innovative symphonic narratives that reverberate across diverse global narratives.

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  • Festival Overture – Shi Wanchun, arranged by Huang Yanshen  

  • Capriccio of Qinqiang Tunes – Lu Rirong, Zhao Zhengxiao, arranged by Yang Chunlin, Huang Yanshen

  • Selection from Qiao's Grand Courtyard Symphonic Suite – Zhao Jiping, arranged by Huang Yanshen II. Aspiration III. Love VI. Fading Affection

  • Fighting the Tiger up the Mountain – Revolutionary opera, arranged by Huang Yanshen

  • Interval

  • The theme of the Pioneers – Yu Huiyong, Hu Dengtiao, arranged by Xu Jingxin, Huang Yanshen

  • Contrabass Concerto: Wolf Totem – Tan Dun

  • Song of the Phoenix – Traditional, arranged by Wang Fujian, Huang Yanshen  

  • Dance of the Golden Snake – Nie Er, arranged by Xu Jingxin, Huang Yanshen

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Sydney Chinese Orchestra


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