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Saturday 13 April from 8am to 10am Saturday 11 May from 8am to 10am Saturday 8 June from 8am to 10am Saturday 13 July from 8am to 10am Saturday 10 August from 8am to 10am Saturday 14 September from 8am to 10am Saturday 12 October from 8am to 10am Saturday 9 November from 8am to 10am Saturday 14 December from 8am to 10am

Embark on an enriching birding experience every second Saturday of the month at the Randwick Sustainability Hub, at the peaceful hours of 8-10 am.

Explore the Randwick Environment Park loop, receiving guidance from local bird expert Renée Ferster Levy, in bird identification and mastering the use of Birdata.

Challenge yourself to learn three birdcalls per session in a fun and interactive way. Engage in collaborative 20 minute surveys, contributing to a long-term dataset that enriches our understanding of local birdlife and helps conservation.

Enjoy morning tea in beautiful surroundings, sharing food, recipes, and perhaps even a catchy bird-themed dish!

Each participant has the option to delve into local bird research, ecology, or behaviour, presenting intriguing findings to the group.

Capture memories through photos for an end of year exhibition and celebratory day with a lively quiz and reflections on special bird moments.

As a bonus, participants can share contact details for ongoing communication, and potentially contribute additional surveys and sightings to Birdata.

The ultimate goal? Form a community of locals passionate about our birdlife, who can contribute data for conservation. Link habitat and species mapping, proposing corridors for habitat connectivity to help birds and other wildlife.

Join us for a birding adventure that may help shape the future for our feathered friends!

The Saturday Circle

This event is part of the Saturday Circle a monthly repair, share, regen, reuse and resilience building get-together at the Randwick Sustainability Hub, 27 Munda St Randwick. Held second Saturday of the month, most events are 10:00am - 12:00pm. Full details:

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