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Circular Economy Incubator Series – Designing Your Business

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Wednesday 31 May 2023 from 4pm to 6pm

Once you’re clear on how you want to make a difference and what you plan to offer, you need to make sure there’s a business model that can underpin that approach. It’s not enough that you know the world needs to move to circular models; to be a sustainable enterprise, a customer must be willing to pay for it. This workshop will teach you how to design and test a circular business model that will work in the real world.

In this workshop, we'll cover:

  • how to design a strong business model

  • how to truly understand and delight your customers

  • which of the many theoretical tools actually help in the real world

  • a new way of understanding your financials

  • clever and cheap methods for testing your ideas.

Presenter: Isaac Jeffries

Isaac works with social entrepreneurs around the world, helping them design businesses that are both sustainable and impactful.

He was the first employee at social enterprise The Difference Incubator, delivers two university programs and coaches a wide variety of businesses across Australia and the South Pacific.

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