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Black and white: process, proof and scan

66 Oxford St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Wednesday 22 July from 6am to 9am


Full: $399.00

This course runs at the same time every week for 4 weeks.

In this practical short course you will learn how to process film and make proof sheets, while being introduced to the magic of the Black and White darkroom.

This course will also cover how to scan film and the essentials of Photoshop post-production of scanned film images for web display and print. Other topics to be covered include reciprocity failure, the use of filters for contrast control, and pushing film. Please note, costs of materials will apply (film, neg sleeves, paper).

You will need to purchase medium format film or 35mm film each week, negative sleeves and 12 x 9.5 resin-coated paper for proofing. You will also require a working film camera for the duration of the course.

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