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Australia Animation Film Festival

AniMate Film Festival: Australian and Children Films

Dendy Newtown
Dendy Newtown
261-263 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Saturday 11 February from 6pm to 8pm


Starting from: $15Adult: $22

Season 2 of our Animation Film Festivals, with best films screening, followed by a networking night.

Meet the film-makers, others from the industry, Animation students and aficionados.

Complimentary finger food will be offered, while you can buy drinks and more food at the 107 bar.

As a member of the audience attending this event, you will be given the chance to vote for the winners of AniMate season 3 categories!

Australian Films Collection

  1. Painting by Numbers, directed by Radheya Jegatheva, WA

  2. Modoru, directed by Kate Schumann, VIC

  3. Paper Boys, directed by William Savage, Wendy Lu, NSW

  4. Star Thief, directed by Julia Stella, VIC

  5. Sumpter, directed by Alice Jao, VIC

  6. Terra, directed by Summer Lloyd-Johnson, NSW

  7. Herald, directed by Elton Su, NSW

  8. A Traveller’s Road, directed by Bianca Sappey, NSW

  9. Break, directed by Meg Strachan, NSW

  10. Chockablock, directed by Alexander Hilson, VIC

  11. For the Throne, directed by Adam Wong, VIC

  12. Fresh & Tasty, directed by Hsin-Hui Wang, VIC

  13. Goodbye Home, directed by Jonathan Chong, NSW

Children films collection

  1. Are You Sleeping, Baby Bear?, directed by Brett Jubinville, Canada

  2. Arthur and the Seagull, directed by Luca Di Cecca, Italy

  3. Chloe explains Down's Syndrome, directed by Alex Amelines, United Kingdom

  4. Earlybird, directed by Daniel Fitzgerald, United Kingdom

  5. Juan Viento, directed by Carlos Farina, Argentina

  6. Kuihpocalypse, directed by Han F, Malaysia

  7. Minuet, directed by Aaron Hopwood, Harry Pearson, United Kingdom

  8. The Amazing Adventures of Awesome, directed by Allison Brownmoore, United Kingdom

  9. Ole-Luk-Oie, directed by Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz, Poland

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Australia Animation Film Festival



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