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Raising the Bar

Alyse Sue: Is it time for humans to upgrade ourselves?

10 Thomas Ln
Haymarket NSW 2000

Wednesday 28 April from 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Our transhuman future: Is it time for humans to upgrade ourselves?

From reprogramming our immune system with mRNA to editing our genes with CRISPR, and eventually increasing our intelligence by connecting our brains to computers, technology is already upgrading humanity.

We are living longer and smarter as we increasingly merge ourselves with technology, and the lines blur on what makes us human. Transhumanism is the concept of overcoming the limits of human biology with science and technology. Alyse will talk about how we are already upgrading ourselves and the technology that will make that happen in the next 5-10 years.


Alyse is a software engineer and entrepreneur. She co-founded Transhumanism Australia and other health and genomics startups. Alyse has experience developing products for AI and blockchain startups as well as banks and insurers. Alyse is also a board member of SingularityU Australia and sits on the UN AA Climate Change Committee.

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Raising the Bar



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