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City of Sydney & University of Sydney

AI gets sustainability on corporate agenda

Bancho, 10 Thomas Ln, Haymarket NSW 2000

Tuesday 4 April from 8pm to 9pm

How AI enables trust, transparency and accelerates a sustainable future.

With economic challenges and weak regulation, many companies avoid investing in sustainability. However, sustainable business can be a major commercial driver, especially when it comes to meeting the ethical expectations of Generation Z. Transparency and sustainability reporting can help businesses position themselves as leaders in the marketplace.

Join Jeremy to learn how companies can achieve climate change goals by leveraging the power of AI.


Jeremy Biggs is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in enterprise technology, including digital transformation, recycling traceability and business advisory. He prioritises sustainability and develops global solutions that address some of the world's most urgent challenges.

Jeremy is currently growing Misio, the world’s first AI sustainability operating system. Misio informs company stakeholders on the incremental progress being made to achieve impact objectives.

Also speaking at Bancho at 6:00PM is Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou

About the venue - Bancho

Bancho is Chinatown's only small bar, with a focus on quality cocktails and whisky.

Located in Thomas Lane since 2018, Bancho is excited to bring a quality drinking experience to a historically and culturally important area of Sydney. Their house cocktails take inspiration from the diversity of ingredients and produce around them in Chinatown, including flavours from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian and other Asian cultures.

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City of Sydney & University of Sydney