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Adventure Clues

The Mad Botanist: Cryptic Adventure


Every day, 12am to 5:30pm Thursday 18 February to Thursday 18 March


Child: $25.00

Take part in a self-guided scavenger hunt set in the botanic gardens! Challenge young minds with this specially designed adventure.

The Mad Botanist is the latest adventure from Adventure Clues.

Picture this: the Mad Botanist has just escaped from his secret laboratory nearby. He is in the final stages of mixing his dangerous potion and needs one final ingredient to create a deadly plant species never seen before on Earth. Very special and rare plants are at risk from his deadly experimentations and time is running out! Professor Whiz needs YOU! 

Professor Whiz needs your help to find the last ingredient and stop the Mad Botanist from succeeding with his evil plans. It won’t be easy; the gardens are tricky to navigate and clues need to be solved.

This a great trail for a family day out in a beautiful interactive environment. Kids will learn interesting facts and parents will enjoy a scenic adventure through the Botanical Gardens. The Mad Botanist trail is perfect if you are looking for an activity that will spark imaginations and challenge young minds.

  • Play in small teams

  • Duration 2-3 hours

  • Get competitive

  • Adventure Clues fully supports social distancing guidelines, this is a self guided adventure in and outdoor environment. Please comply with all the latest government advice with regards to Covid-19.

Refer to the Adventure Clues website for more information.

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