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Master Piano Institute

Adult group piano class (for absolute beginners)

301 Castlereagh St
Sydney NSW 2000

Wednesdays, 6:45pm to 7:45pm Sundays, 1pm to 2pm Sunday 7 January to Sunday 26 May


Starting from: First lesson free; subsequent lesson at $56 each

The adult group piano class contains a total of 21 lessons. 1 lesson per week, each lesson is 1 hour long.

Groups have around 3-6 students, each student is provided with an individual digital piano and headphone, and a free handout for each lesson.

The group class is unique, fun, practical and effective. Designed for adult beginners. The material we provided is sequentially designed learning material to develop solid foundations. Practical hands-on coordination exercises and a blend of both classical and popular music. There are 4 impressive solo pieces (including Fur Elise)!

You will be learning reading, fingering techniques, fundamental music theory, pedal technique, improvisation, basic songwriting, ear-training, ensemble playing, chord progressions and piano accompaniment style for vocals.

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