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Mary Kiani

Scottish 'Pub choir' for St Andrews day

The Factory Theatre
The Factory Theatre
105 Victoria Road, Marrickville NSW 2204

Saturday 25 November 2023 from 7:30pm to 11pm


Starting from: $19.00

A room full of Scottish people drinking and singing in perfect harmony (after a few drinks it will sound perfect) conducted by Scottish chart diva Mary Kiani. A belter of a night.

Let's celebrate St Andrews day and being Scottish with a big get together. Singing songs from well known Scottish bands.

Grab your mates for a night of drinking and singing in a room full of Scots. Warm up with a medley of well known Scottish chart songs before we go into learning a three part harmony of a Scottish song from a well known Scottish band/artist.

All parts and harmonies will be taught by Mary on the night.

Do you need to be a singer? Naw! Do you need to prepare anything? Naw! All lyrics will be projected on a screen on the stage. 

Mary will teach you the parts and conduct the evening with the help of two other musicians.

Music is what feelings sound like.

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