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Reverse Garbage Education

Reverse Garbage Still Life Drawing Party

Reverse Garbage
Reverse Garbage
30 Carrington Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

Wednesday 1 May from 7pm to 9pm Wednesday 5 June from 7pm to 9pm Wednesday 3 July from 7pm to 9pm Wednesday 7 August from 7pm to 9pm Wednesday 4 September from 7pm to 9pm Wednesday 2 October from 7pm to 9pm Wednesday 6 November from 7pm to 9pm Wednesday 4 December from 7pm to 9pm

In this workshop, we will take an experimental approach to the rich tradition of observational still life drawing, scavenging and selecting our subject matter from the treasure trove that is Reverse Garbage!

We will be collaborating to construct still life arrangements from reused objects selected by you and your fellow artists, exploring compositional tensions while bouncing off of each other’s creativity.

You will then make your own unique drawings from whichever arrangements or objects resonate with you.

RG Still Life Drawing is aimed at people at any stage in their drawing journey from beginners to practicing artists. The drawing will be guided, but expression and experimentation are encouraged: feel free to ask for as much (or as little) advice as you require. The sessions are facilitated by local artist Jaslyn Brown who will be there to assist with observational drawing techniques and approaches.

This workshop will inspire you to find beauty in the unexpected, all the while refining your observational drawing techniques and connecting with like-minded artists.

About the artist:

Jaslyn Brown is an emerging artist and art teacher with a passion for community art-making and the serendipitous creation of art using found objects.

Her personal art practise includes painting, drawing, installation, and performance and often involves the use of found objects and the cyclical reuse or reworking of artworks.

Establishing the popular social drawing night Portrait Exchange in 2022, Jaslyn has successfully created a space where the community can come together and forge unique connections through creating and exchanging artwork. Jaslyn additionally facilitates life drawing classes and other art events.

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