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Petersham Bowling Club

Readers – Books and Conversations with James Bradley


Thursday 25 July from 8pm to 9:30pm


Adult: $10.00

This is a monthly series hosted by Michaela Kalowski. Authors talk about their latest work, their body of work, writing process and ideas that inspire them.

Meet James Bradley.

James Bradley, a prominent novelist and critic, resides in Sydney, Australia, alongside his partner, the acclaimed novelist Mardi McConnochie, and their children, Annabelle and Theo. His extensive literary works encompass novels such as Ghost Species, Wrack, The Deep Field, The Resurrectionist, and Clade. He's also authored the first two instalments of The Change Trilogy for young adults (The Silent Invasion, The Buried Ark, and A Vastness of Stars), a book of poetry titled Paper Nautilus, and The Penguin Book of the Ocean. Additionally, Bradley delves into short fiction and comics. His forthcoming venture into nonfiction, Deep Water: The World in the Ocean, is slated for release on April 3rd, 2024, through Penguin.

"Through history, science, nature writing, and environmentalism, Deep Water invites you to explore the deepest recesses of our natural world. Teeming with mysteries, wonders, and heartbreaking facts, this beautiful, lucid hymn to the sea is a reminder of what we still have, what we stand to lose, and why we must never stop fighting to save our home." - Tim Winton

Deep Water celebrates the ocean's profound influence on life since time immemorial. Its expansive realms hold untold significance, connecting all living beings on Earth. Bradley's work serves as an ode to the ocean's beauty, mystery, and wonder. Interweaving science, history, and personal narratives, it offers invaluable insights into humanity's relationship with the planet, our past, and, crucially, our future.

In addition to his literary endeavours, James Bradley contributes writings and reviews to numerous esteemed Australian and international publications. These include The Times Literary Supplement, The Guardian, The Monthly, The Washington Post, The Australian Literary Review, Australian Book Review, Locus, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Griffith Review, Cosmos Magazine, Meanjin, Heat, The Weekend Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Age. Recognized for his exceptional contributions, Bradley received the Pascall Prize for Criticism in 2012, and his work has garnered nominations for a Walkley Award and shortlistings twice for the Bragg Prize for Science Writing.

Tickets for his upcoming event are priced at $10.00 + BF. Join us for an enriching exploration of Deep Water and its profound significance!