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Deadhouse Productions

Razorhurst True Crime Tour

94 Darlinghurst Road
Potts Point NSW 2011

Saturdays, 3pm to 5pm Saturday 12 November to Saturday 24 December

Meet under Coke sign top of William Street just before 3pm.


Adult: $35Concession: $30

You'll walk a guided tour of Razorhurst, which covers the historic areas of Darlinghurst, East Sydney and Kings Cross.

This area is referred to as Razorhurst because in 1929 the gangsters' weapon of choice was the cut-throat razor.

You'll stop to view:

  • Blood Alley, where the first major battle occurred;

  • Kellett Street where the second gang battle occurred;

  • Phil Jeffs' 50:50 Club, the hub of illegal gambling, cocaine and prostitution;

  • The lanes of East Sydney, where Tilly's brothels were located;

  • Tilly's house, the HQ of prostitution;

  • Nellie's house home of The Angel of Death;

  • The Tradesmen's Arms, where Tilly's gang drank and conspired

  • The Strand Hotel where Frank Green Murdered Barney Dalton..

Your guides (alternating tour dates)

Philip McDonald: Philip is a walking historian. His family has been native to Sydney since 1812. Thousands of people have enjoyed his tours of Sydney’s dark past.

Kyla Ward: An author and actor, Kyla is also an experienced host and researcher. You may know her as your Guide to DEADHOUSE: Tales of Sydney Morgue.

Chris Miller: Chris is a remarkable actor and voice over artist. You may know him as Lennie Lawson or Simmo from the past and coming seasons of DEADHOUSE Tales of Sydney Morgue.

The set-up

In the late 1920s Sydney is a boom town for vice and criminal enterprise and policing is slack to say the least. There are enormous opportunities to build criminal empires based upon the wicked desires of the average man and woman. Because of a legal loophole, these opportunities are more readily available to women. Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine are the gals who grabbed these opportunities

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