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Pop-Up Native Nursery & Flower Garden at The Mint

10 Macquarie St
Sydney NSW 2000
The Mint

Saturday 4 February 2023 from 6pm to Sunday 5 February 2023 6pm

This February, for the first time, The Mint will be transformed into a native garden, showcasing local plants and flowers as they were on the Gadigal land. Expect to be taken on a journey with stories & legends relating to Australia’s native plants. At night, the garden will glow in the dark under the blacklight while classical music concerts will enchant the night owls, creating a spectacular and entirely free experience for all.  

Starting at 6 pm on February 4th and for 24 hours, you are invited to walk through this unique pop-up Australian flora market to delight in native flowers and plants. The garden is an invitation to wander and meet Sydney’s most talented floral artists.  

Did you know that flowers can be photo-luminescent? The Mint and its surroundings will be glowing in the dark. This enchanting night and day flower market will exhibit native blooms from NSW. Under the black light, flower sculptures and displays will unveil their mysteries and beauty.  

FLORAL ART EXHIBITION – 3-metre-tall giant owl floral sculpture & human sized flower figures  

Floral artist Cecile Keogh will create a giant owl using a mix of native flowers and plants. The impressive floral artwork will glow in the dark at night, while during the day, it will be The Mint’s guardian as it perches itself on the surrounding lawns.  

Artist Tatiana Bovlova will be creating life-sized silhouettes made of flowers standing or sitting alone.  The art intends to ponder the loneliness that we all feel sometimes, especially at night.  

“It’s essential to understand the importance of self-love & remembering that nothing lasts forever. However, when the sun rises each morning, flowers will be nourished & bloom again and we, as humans, have the power to grow ourselves to become strong and beautiful individuals”, she says.    

Learn, discover, and get hands-on with Cecile Keogh and Bess Scott

Ready to unleash your creative side?  The Mint’s native garden will offer exciting and ticketed workshops and demonstrations with floral artists and experts. 

Meet Cecile Keogh 

Create memories and take part in a fun and interactive floral demonstration with Cecile. The 2-hour demo will include tips on flower care, elements of design and how to develop a floral installation. You are invited to participate, get hands-on and ask questions.  

Duration 2hrs | Price $150 | Max 25pp.  

Bess Scott, a famous Paddington based Florist and expert in native flowers, will offer two hands-on workshops:  

  • Fresh Native Flower Arranging workshop: Using seasonal Australian native flowers, participants can expect to play with a colourful and diverse range of unique elements to create their own native floral arrangement to take home.   

Duration 1h| Price $150 | Max 25pp. (including the flower arrangement)  

  • Dried Native Flower Arranging workshop: Allowing participants to engage with a truly special feature of Australian flora, dry flowers. Experience the longevity of their beauty, even after harvest.  

Duration 1H| Price $150 | Max 25pp. (including the flower arrangement)

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