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Plant Party

107 Green Square
107 Green Square
3a Joynton Avenue, Zetland NSW 2017

Saturday 9 September from 10am to 5pm


General Admission: $10.00

107 is all about connecting people and place and what better way to do that then with a Plant Party! Together we can bring the creative arts and avid garden communities together in a cross pollination of art and plants. 107 at Green Square provides the perfect location to bring these 2 groups together.

Unlike other Plant Fairs or swaps, this event is a party! It is a celebration of all things leafy and green. We want guests to make connections with other like minded individuals, learn about and broaden their knowledge base and widen their network of local community groups and projects. Throw in some light entertainment, great plant based food and beverage and a comfy picnic blanket in the park and all the plant nerds are in for a bloody great day out!

  • Plant Market (including rare plants!)

  • Living Art Plant Showcase

  • Botanical Art Exhibition

  • Workshops

  • Guest Speakers

  • More to be announced!

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107 Projects


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