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UNSW Centre for Ideas

Peter Frankopan: The Earth Transformed

University of New South Wales
University of New South Wales
High Street, Kensington NSW 2052
Leighton Hall, John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW Kensington

Wednesday 28 February from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

“Our world has always been one of transformation, transition and change and yet the weather, climate and environmental factors have rarely been seen as a backdrop to human history, let alone as an important lens through which to view the past."

- Peter Frankopan

Human existence has always been bound with the health of our natural world. What can we learn from how a changing climate has already, for centuries, dramatically shaped the development and demise of civilisations across time?

In the 2024 Gandhi Oration, renowned historian and author Peter Frankopan will unravel the historical narrative, framing the natural environment as the crucial factor impacting humankind.

Following a solo address, Frankopan will be in conversation with UNSW Sydney historian Alison Bashford to discuss how we can reshape our understanding of climate change and inspire a collective commitment to a sustainable and just future.

This event is presented by the UNSW Centre for Ideas, and supported by Adelaide Writers’ Week and The Wheeler Centre.



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