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Online singing course

See event description for details on how to connect.

Every day, all day Monday 19 July to Friday 1 October


4 Week Course (4x45min lesson): $2606 Week Course (6x45min lesson): $375

Make the most out of lockdown. Kickstart your singing journey!

In just 4 or 6 weeks (your choice), this singing course will give you the essential skills you need to find your authentic voice. Let's get started and boost your confidence as a singer.

We will be laying the basic foundations needed for singing. You'll find your authentic voice through a variety of simple exercises and vocal strengthening techniques. These techniques will help your breath control for maximum vocal power, and will extend the range of your voice. All important things for every singer!

Online singing course: 1-on-1 private lessons tailored specifically to your needs and to your schedule.

The 4 week course package is a smaller course for you to learn some of the essential basics listed below.

The 6 week course package is a more comprehensive course. You will learn all of the essential skills listed below.

  • Breathing

  • Pitch 

  • Rhythm

  • Articulation/Diction

  • Voice Projection

  • Flexibility*

  • Dynamics*

  • Vocal Anatomy - understanding how the voice works.

  • Voice Health - how to best take care of your voice.

  • Voice Registers - how to find the different colours of your voice.

  • Vocal Range - find out the lowest and the highest notes you can sing.

  • Customised Playlist - with exercises specifically designed to support your needs as a singer.

*Included in the 6 Week Course Package only.

Get started today by visiting our website.

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