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The Actors Pulse

Movement classes

103 Regent St
Redfern NSW 2016
The Actors Pulse

Tuesdays, 5pm to 3pm Tuesday 7 February to Tuesday 28 March


Adult: $705 - 1 class/wk; term runs for 8 weeks

In 2023, our Movement Classes are specialising in 'Physical Storytelling'.

Throughout the course students will be doing warm up exercises, games and improvisations. They will be creating etudes, characters and scenes and presenting them to the class. All work is practical and involves a lot of creativity and imagination. Course is designed to help students learn what their bodies are capable of, loosen up and use their physicality as a tool in their acting and character creation.

Students will look at:

  • Mime - develop the ability to create a physical illusion and operate in illusionary world through movment of the body. Students explire the principles of gesture and pshucal action to gain a deeper undertsading of its application in practical theatre and screen work.

  • Masks - Neutral masks & character masks. Students explore & understand how expressive masks structure and simplify the playing style by delegating to the body the job of expressing their essential attitudes and character.

  • Clown - looking at the red nose (the smallest mask in the world), Theatrical Clown work – Red Clown/White Clown. Students will examine and discuss Commedia Del Arte (no physical work is scheduled on Commedia), concept of “from oneself” “against oneself”, use of color, movement, costume, sound in creation of a character.

  • Character - creating characters, consolidating new storytelling skills and applying to to scenes & monologues. Exploring the concept of Psychophysical State of the Body.

Classes run once a week for 8 weeks on Tuesday evenings.



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