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The Actors Pulse

In Studio Acting Classes in Meisner & Screen Acting

103 Regent St
Redfern NSW 2016
The Actors Pulse

Mondays, 3pm to 6pm Wednesdays, 10:30am to 10pm Saturdays, 11am to 2pm Monday 30 January to Saturday 1 April


Adult: $1340 - 2 technique classes & 1 screen class/wk; term runs for 9 weeks (Pulse Premium deal)Adult: $620 - 1 Meisner class/wk; term runs for 9 weeksAdult: $820 - 2 Meisner classes/wk; term runs for 9 weeksAdult: $720 - 1 screen acting class/wk; term runs for 9 weeks

Our acting classes are based on genuine first-hand and up-to-date knowledge of Sanford Meisner's latest work and are designed to give beginning, intermediate and advanced acting students a solid base from which to work. The unique approach of our acting lessons combines the techniques used for stage acting with the special considerations needed for film and television acting. With a strong and basic foundation, an actor can confidently approach any material.

Dedicated to the passion for realistic acting, The Actors Pulse has maintained a high level of commitment to the craft for over two decades, providing a strong foundation for the serious actor wishing to develop a solid and truthful technique for stage and screen performance.

Unlike many schools that focus just on stage or screen, The Actors Pulse infuses both techniques to symbiotically complement each other, giving you flexibility and leaving you with a well-equipped skills toolkit for the future.

Over the last 2 decades, The Actors Pulse has been developing an accomplished blend of the Meisner Technique and Screen Acting Classes, giving actors a well-established system, to produce and reproduce memorable performances.

  • Perfect screen + stage acting and storytelling techniques through dynamic exercises designed to prepare you for the unexpected.

  • The opportunity to learn the world-renowned Meisner technique and boost your skillset and performance

  • We provide flexible study options for you to learn at your own pace, giving you the ability to choose to learn the Meisner Technique, Screen or a combination of both. Design your own learning experience.

  • Learn how to create a truthful performance, working from the page to the screen.

Meisner Technique In Studio Class Times

  • Monday 3pm-6pm

  • Wednesday 10:30am-1:30pm

  • Wednesday 3pm-6pm

  • Saturday 11am-2pm

Screen Acting In Studio Class Times

  • Wednesday 3pm-6pm

  • Wednesday 7pm-10pm



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