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All Age Music

School Holiday Music Camp 5–12yrs

74 Parramatta Rd
Stanmore NSW 2048
All Age Music School (74 Parramatta Rd, Stanmore)

Tuesday 16 April from 11am to 5pm Wednesday 17 April from 11am to 5pm

TERM 1 SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 5-7yrs Marrickville: 16 & 17 April, 9:00am – 3:00pm 8-12yrs Marrickville: 18 & 19 April, 9:00am – 5-7yrs Stanmore: 23 & 24 April, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Creating a musical superstar out of your child this holiday season is not just a dream, it's a promise from our Music Camp!

Packed with fun, learning, and creativity, our camp is the ultimate holiday activity. Here’s everything you need to know, sectioned perfectly for an engaging and informative blog post:

Welcome to Music Camp!

  • What It Is: A fun-filled, educational journey into the world of music.

  • Who It’s For: Children aged 5-12, eager to explore music.

  • No Experience Required: Perfect for beginners with a love for music.

Camp highlights

  • Original Song Creation: Kids write and perform their original songs.

  • Instrumental Discovery: A hands-on exploration of various instruments.

  • End-of-Camp Performance: A showcase where kids perform for family and friends.

  • Free Care Options: Before and after care available from 8am - 5pm for busy parents.

Camp schedule

  • 2-Day Format: For both 5-7 years and 8-12 years age groups.

  • School Holiday Periods: Held during TERM 1, 2, and 3 holidays.

  • Locations: Marrickville and Stanmore, offering diverse experiences.

Program details

  • Fun and Games: Including instrumental bingo, ping pong soccer, and trivia.

  • Workshops and Masterclasses: Led by special guests and professional musicians.

  • Music Technology: An introduction to recording and producing music.

  • Hands-On Learning: From setting up mics to playing instruments.

Safety and supervision

  • Professional Instructors: All with a ‘Working with Children Check’.

  • Capped Class Sizes: Ensuring personalized attention and safety.

  • Behavior Policy: Ensuring a respectful and conducive learning environment.

Daily itinerary

  • Morning: Interactive musical theory games.

  • Mid-Morning: Workshops, activities, and guest sessions.

  • Lunch: Outdoor time for fresh air and a break.

  • Afternoon: Instrument play, singing, and ensemble work.

Extra benefits

  • Creative Kids Vouchers: Make use of your vouchers for our program.

  • Diverse Activities: Ensuring there’s something for every child to love.

  • Build Confidence: Through performances and group activities.

How to register

  • Visit Our Website: All details and registration forms available online.

  • Early Registration Recommended: Spaces fill up quickly!

Don't let this holiday pass without giving your child the gift of music. Our Music Camp is where fun meets learning, friendships blossom, and musical dreams begin to take flight. Sign up now and watch your child transform into a musical superstar!

This structured approach ensures that readers can easily navigate through the blog post, understanding every aspect of the Music Camp and what makes it a must-try holiday activity for their children.

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