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Make Believe


Tuesday 30 August from 8pm to 9pm Wednesday 31 August from 8pm to 9pm Thursday 1 September from 8pm to 9pm Friday 2 September from 8pm to 9pm Saturday 3 September from 8pm to 9pm


Adult: $35Concession: $20

“Make Believe”, celebrates the classic Hollywood film musical and the stars of these Technicolor extravaganzas; but is also a comedic and irreverent romp about life as young classical musicians trying to do anything creative in post-lockdown Sydney!

The evening salutes the careers of MGM darlings, Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel, who starred in films such as "Show Boat", "Lovely To Look At" and many more. “Make Believe” Features classical Sydney-based singers Emily Turner, Ian Warwick, and pianist Nathaniel Kong and showcases the music Grayson and Keel sang in their colourful films, the stage musicals they appeared in, and the jazz standards they lovingly sang. The idea for the cabaret was born from a conversation about old Hollywood stars with friends over a virtual dinner, during lockdown, and has now been given life through the Sydney Fringe for 2022.

Join us for an evening of old Hollywood glamour and yesteryear magic. Grab a drink, you'll need it!

Covid-safe information

Protect the well being of workers and other people

  • Company members are encouraged to wear masks when meeting patrons post-show.

  • Encourage or request the use of face masks where it is difficult to maintain physical distance.

  • Ensure company members are aware of the Covid safe plan in place, on which all company members are briefed and must adhere to.

  • Company manager and members should keep constantly across SafeWork NSW and NSW Health protocols on Covid safe management and Work Health & Safety.

  • All technical equipment shared between shows to be cleaned after each use with anti-bacterial spray/and or wipes.

  • Covid-19 testing conducted if any company members show Covid symptoms and self-isolate until results.

  • Exclude workers and other people who are unwell or test positive to Covid-19.

Maintain good hygiene practices

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  • Bathrooms should be supplied with hand soap, paper towels or hand dryers.

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  • Regularly clean areas and surfaces that are frequently touched.

  • Those responsible for maintaining hygiene standards at the venue should wear personal protective equipment when cleaning, and wash their hands before and after with soap and water.

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  • Ensure any rubbish is collected regularly to avoid rubbish overflow.

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  • Mark out and use separate entry and exit points, if possible.

  • Minimize interaction with audience where possible.

Provide Covid-19 information and training to workers

  • Provide company with further information regarding Covid-safe behaviours and the Covid Safety Plan for them to adhere to in order minimise risk of Covid-19 transmission. For example, train staff about Covid-safe behaviours, or when to get a Covid-19 test and self-isolate.

  • Encourage company to get vaccinated.

  • Ensure workers understand their leave entitlements if they are sick or need to self-isolate.

  • Company manager and members keep constantly across SafeWork NSW and NSW Health protocols on Covid safe management and Work Health & Safety.

Encourage Covid-safe behaviour through communications

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  • NSW Health strongly advises that patrons consider being seated while drinking. 

Your Covid-19 policy and business obligations

  • Cooperate with NSW Health if they contact you about a positive case of Covid-19 at your workplace.

  • Have a plan to follow if someone with Covid-19 attended your workplace or venue.

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