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City of Sydney & University of Sydney

Hydrogen: a brighter future for energy

Bancho, 10 Thomas Ln, Haymarket NSW 2000

Tuesday 4 April from 6pm to 7pm

Unlocking sustainability and energy justice with hydrogen.

5 out of our 9 planetary boundaries have reached the point of no return. Rather than leaving the mess of pollution behind for Mars, as suggested by some overzealous billionaires, we need to learn from our mistakes.

In the 16th Century, we started to transition our energy source from burning trees. It’s time we move on from coal, gas and oil. Hydrogen as a clean fuel can help us in this journey, but only if we take the right steps.

Experienced chemist Francois looks at how we can use hydrogen as a clean source of energy in our daily lives.


Francois is an expert in hydrogen technologies. He heads up the MERLin research lab at the School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney. His group investigates the properties of light metals for use in hydrogen storage.

The researchers are developing hydrogen technologies that they believe will democratise hydrogen as an energy vector. Francois’ vision is that we take charge of our individual energy needs with the right technology, including hydrogen technologies that could be printed and used without specialised knowledge. This would be done by storing solar energy in the form of hydrogen and combusting it to generate clean electricity.

Also speaking at Bancho at 8:00PM is Jeremy Biggs

About the venue - Bancho

Bancho is Chinatown's only small bar, with a focus on quality cocktails and whisky.

Located in Thomas Lane since 2018, Bancho is excited to bring a quality drinking experience to a historically and culturally important area of Sydney. Their house cocktails take inspiration from the diversity of ingredients and produce around them in Chinatown, including flavours from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian and other Asian cultures.

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City of Sydney & University of Sydney