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Sydney Festival

Holding Achilles

17 Carriageworks Way
Eveleigh NSW 2015
Carriageworks - Bay 17

Mondays, 7pm to 9:20pm Tuesdays and Saturdays, 7:30pm to 9:50pm Sundays, 5pm to 7:20pm Saturday 19 November 2022 to Tuesday 22 November 2022 Saturday 21 January from 1pm to 3:20pm


Starting from: $53 – $59 + BF

Adopted by Achilles’ father, Patroclus initially faces hostility from the young hero. But thrust together to train under the centaur Chiron, a friendship develops, which deepens as Achilles becomes the legend he was destined to be.

But war with Troy is brewing and the two young men are caught between their hopes for a future together and the brutal realities of a bloody conflict.  

Written by David Morton, this beautifully crafted co-production from Sydney physical theatre virtuosos Legs On The Wall and Brisbane visual theatre masterminds Dead Puppet Society is an innovative interpretation of one of the great mythic stories, turning a magnifying glass toward one of its central relationships, so often downplayed or ignored.  

Featuring daring aerial work, exquisite puppetry and set to a haunting score performed live by Sydney singer/songwriter Montaigne and composed with Tony Buchen and Chris Bear (Grizzly Bear), this epic adaptation of Homer’s _Iliad _blends heightened physicality and powerful design to weave a story of mythic proportions with queer heroes at its heart.

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