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Writing NSW

Grammar Essentials Writing Workshop with Susan McKerihan

Lilyfield Rd
Lilyfield NSW 2040
Writing NSW, Callan Park, Balmain Rd, Lilyfield

Saturday 18 May from 10am to 4pm


Concession: $135Member: $155Full Price: $210

We all ‘know’ grammar: we use it instinctively every time we speak or write. But from the 1970s until recently, grammar was no longer formally taught in most Australian schools, and as a result, many people struggle to understand how the language works.

A knowledge of grammar can help you manage the mechanics and nuances of writing. So, whether you write creatively or as part of a business or technical role, understanding the basics of grammar will give you confidence as a writer.

Don’t be daunted by those mysterious terms ‘subject’, ‘object’, ‘verb’, ‘active/passive voice’, and ‘semi-colon’. The concepts are easy to grasp when presented through real-life examples, and you will gain a powerful tool for organising your words and sentences.

This one-day workshop with author and editor Susan McKerihan introduces the fundamental elements of grammar and explains how they work in real life. It covers these grammatical features and principles:

  • the eight parts of speech and their functions

  • phrases, clauses and sentences

  • verbs, including tense, mood, voice, participles, auxiliaries

  • grammatical case

  • punctuation.

We will also examine the most common areas of difficulty, as well as the language ‘myths’ that are often (wrongly) assumed to be non-negotiable rules.

Through discussion and written exercises, you will gain confidence in your ability to write and to make choices in language and style. And there’s a side benefit for anyone who’s trying to learn a foreign language, as your classes will almost certainly include grammar!

This writing course, Grammar Essentials with Susan McKerihan, takes place at Writing NSW in Sydney. Writing NSW is in Callan Park, Balmain Rd, Lilyfield.

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