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Reverse Garbage Education

Educational Sustainable Teacher Workshop

Reverse Garbage
Reverse Garbage
30 Carrington Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

Saturday 27 April from 10am to 12pm Saturday 1 June from 10am to 12pm Saturday 17 August from 10am to 12pm

Ever wondered what informs our practice at Reverse Garbage? After 50 years of working with kids and honing in on how to run creative reuse and loose parts play for students of all ages, and keeping up with developments in educational theory, we have an abundance of knowledge to share.

This Sydney educational workshop is hands-on and interactive. We will talk sustainability, educational theory, logistics, and of course, get hands-on with the practice. We will share our knowledge around working with and educating children in a sustainable and creative way.

We offer two streams of classes to maximize our time. Be sure to double-check while booking. Creative reuse focuses on how to set up systems to reuse materials and why this type of work promotes critical thinking in our students. Loose parts play will focus on large-scale play with industrial discard and the benefits open-ended play has throughout childhood. These sessions, on April 27th and August 17th, will be joined by Shirley Wyver from the Macquarie School of Education.

Prepare to be inspired and amazed as we guide you through these transformative experiences. You'll gain valuable skills, insights, and practical know-how. The session will conclude with a guided tour around our warehouse, and just in time to grab lunch at one of the fantastic local cafes.

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Reverse Garbage Education