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Bonnie Curtis Projects

Dance Conditioning

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Thursdays, 5:30pm to 6:30pm Thursday 6 August to Thursday 17 December


Starting from: $17

This class draws on elements of pilates, Progressing Ballet Technique and strength and conditioning to develop new pathways in your body.

You will focus on the principles of postural alignment and core stability to learn the correct use of muscles and develop solid technique.

This class is suitable for not only dancers but people who have had injuries or haven’t trained for a while. This class will help you strengthen your body in a safe, nurturing environment.

This class is curated for small spaces.

What you need:

  • Exercise ball (a dining table chair or a sturdy stool are a good substitute for an exercise ball)

  • Resistance Band (strap, tie, towel are all good substitutes)

  • Lacrosse Ball (a spiky ball can be used as an alternative)

  • Small Ball (a small cushion is a good substitute)

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Bonnie Curtis Projects


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