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Business builder online workshops for kids

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Weekdays, 2pm to 4pm Monday 28 September to Friday 9 October


Per student: $171.91

Entertain and engage your kids these school holidays!

Our business builder workshops for young people will teach your kids how to start a real business and inspire them to believe in themselves.

Your kids will have fun and make new friends, on the way to creating their very own business. We help young people discover their passions and develop real-world skills, delivered by facilitators with a mix of online collaboration and offline challenges.

Develop your “big idea” using our online business “Launch Box.” We will teach you the skills and help you develop the resources to create an amazing small business or idea. You will also hear from inspiring successful kid & grown-up entrepreneurs.

How it works

  • A 5-day online program, 2 hours per day Monday – Friday.

  • Kids from 9 – 12 years

  • Complete offline challenges they can do from home after the workshops

  • Make new friends and collaborate online in a safe, friendly environment

  • Includes 12-month membership to our online resources (valued at $82.56)

Skills your child will learn

  • Discover their passions & interests

  • Creative problem-solving and empathy

  • How to identify opportunities to improve their world

  • Financial literacy, being good with money

  • How to sell products/services

  • Confidence and resilience


Q: Are the workshops completely online?

A: No, after the online sessions, challenges are set to complete before the next day. These are fun and designed to keep you engaged whilst minimising screen time.

Q: Who runs the sessions?

A: We have facilitators running live sessions, typically with a business background and supported by the our team. You can be assured that all participants have completed the necessary Working With Children verification.

Q: How long will challenges take outside of the online sessions?

A: Typically each challenge may take from one to a few hours. They’re designed such that you can go in-depth and really get into the challenges.

Q: What happens after the workshops?

A: At the conclusion of the workshop, everyone will receive a certificate and 12-months subscription to our online service including the ability to use our tools to launch their own online store. We have further workshops available to take their skills to more advanced levels, marketing their products and services on the store, and growing their business.

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