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Paolo Polimeni

AniMate: Venus collection - season 1

107 Redfern St
107 Redfern St
107 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW 2016

Saturday 5 March from 5:30pm to 8:30pm


Adult: $12 - $17


  1. Balance (Directed by Raymond Limantara Sutisna), Singapore

  2. NoWhereMan (Directed by Chong Liu, Kuan Ting Lu), USA

  3. Hair (Directed by Caroline Ching Xin Yin, Ng Zhi Xin), Singapore

  4. Faust (Directed by Marianna Atłas), Poland

  5. Grand Adventure Railroad (Directed by Hsiao-Shan Huang), Taiwan

  6. Re-Cycle (Directed by Mateusz Lenart), Poland

  7. Castle (Directed by Ryotaro Miyajima), Japan

  8. Barking Up The Right Tree (Directed by John Harbour, Ann-Sophie Fournier, Roxane Tremblay), Canada

  9. Iktamuli (Directed by Anne-Christine Plate), Germany

  10. Twinless (Directed by Sapir Danan, Ronalee Israel), Israel

  11. Charlie Brontoson in: Bus Stop (Directed by Chrisitan E. Rosado), Puerto Rico

  12. 30 Days of Shoegazing (Directed by Pei-Hsin Cho), United Kingdom

  13. Moon (Directed by Abraham Mah), Singapore

  14. Sound Holds the Distance Travelled (Directed by Gareth Gowran), Ireland

  15. The Dead Hands of Dublin (Directed by Leo Crowley), Ireland

  16. You can Fly! (Directed by Sung Bae Park), Republic of Korea

  17. Lea's secret (Directed by Rico Gutierrez), Philippines

  18. The Autumn (Directed by Xin Li), Australia

  19. Bench (Directed by Rich Webber), United Kingdom

  20. Bolero Station (Directed by Rolf Brönnimann), Switzerland

  21. Catgot (Directed by Ho Tsz Wing), Hong Kong

  22. Monster (Directed by Vesela Yotseva), Bulgaria

  23. How Far is Away? (Directed by Mike Slane, Adrian Bishop), United States

Covid-safe information

Covid Safe event, double vaccination required.

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Paolo Polimeni