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A Fool in Love

Sydney Theatre Company
Sydney Theatre Company
15 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, NSW 2000
Wharf 1 Theatre

Mondays, Tuesdays, 6:30pm to 8:40pm Wednesdays to Saturdays, 7:30pm to 9:40pm Sundays, 5pm to 7:10pm Tuesday 6 February to Sunday 17 March

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Adult: $55-$125

From the deliciously wicked pen of Van Badham, who most recently had you in stitches with Banging Denmark, comes an uproarious night out at the theatre that brilliantly lampoons our contemporary obsession with wealth and status, whilst leaving enough time for a selfie session by the pool!

Featuring the comedic talents of Melissa Kahraman (Hubris & Humiliation), Contessa Treffone (On the Beach) and Megan Wilding (The Importance of Being Earnest), A Fool in Love is an adaptation of Spanish Golden Age playwright Lope de Vega’s classic comedy, La dama boba, refreshed and ingeniously infused with a dose of twenty-first century oomph.

In the well-heeled seaside town of Illescas, the beautiful Octavio sisters – the smart and social climbing Vanessa (Kahraman) and the lovable and, perhaps, not-so-smart Phynayah (Treffone) – are desperate to save their family from financial ruin. In order to inherit her eccentric uncle’s fortune, Phynayah must get engaged before she turns 30. The catch? These days, suitors don’t just want beauty, they expect brains as well.

Equal parts delightful rom-com and razor-sharp spoof, this production will retain all the joy and revelry of a seventeenth century farce at the same time as putting contemporary gender and class politics under the microscope. Bold, bawdy and gut-bustingly funny, A Fool in Love is social satire at its very cheekiest.

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