Sydney Writers' Festival: Our picks

2019’s edition of Sydney Writers’ Festival is one you don’t want to miss. With so much to choose from, where do you start? These are our top picks.

Anabel Hernandez

A Massacre in Mexico
A woman with true courage and resilience, Anabel Hernandez risked her life to bring truth to the light. Learn how she exposed the kidnap and suspected murder of 43 student activists and the subsequent cover up.

Thursday 2 May, 4.30pm
245 Wilson Street

Story Club

Fool me once
11 years on and storytelling for adults still exists. Story Club is a live storytelling night where you hear true stories. Laugh, bond and reminisce through funny stories, dark moments and shameful secrets on the theme, ‘Fool me once’. Featuring Ben Jenkins, Zoe Norton Lodge, Jacqueline Maley and Alex Lee.

Friday 3 May, 9pm
245 Wilson Street

Simon Schama

Wordy collection
The bestselling author and television presenter talks to David Marr about his new collection, Wordy. For 40 years, Simon Schama has been front and centre of arts, social analysis, political commentary and historical study. Get inspired as you hear about his latest collection of essays, Wordy. It’s all things arts, food, politics and life.

Saturday 4 May, 6pm
Sydney Town Hall
483 George Street

Bri Lee

Eggshell Skull 
Bri Lee was a judge’s associate and 2 years later returned to fight her own sexual assault case. She shares her personal story and experience of our justice system. The writer describes the journey as scorching and self-scouring.

Saturday 4 May, 3pm
245 Wilson Street

The Sydney Writers’ Festival is on from 29 April to 5 May 2019.

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