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Last Minute Productions PTY LTD

What are you syncing


Fridays, 6pm to 8pm Friday 15 January to Friday 19 March

Facilitated by @michawalter

What you will learn:

Week 1.

  • A course intro | What is sync? Common song themes.

  • Research music in Film/TV/Ads etc know the industry players

  • How to reach out authentically

Week 2:

  • Analyzing a song

  • What goes into a successful song? Analysing songs that work

Week 3:

  • Songwriting

  • The Song-writing process

  • How to collaborate | Writing on zoom (tech aspects) Recording a demo

Week 4:

  • Feedback, rewriting, registering & licencing

  • Asking for feedback

  • Rewriting your song Publishing & Master Licencing APRA & Copyright

Week 5

  • Production

  • Taking your demo from your phone to the studio. Recording techniques

  • Finding a producer

  • How to take your track to the next level

Week 6:

  • Mixing

  • Learn to mix your own music.

  • What is the job of the mixer?

  • Mixing techniques

  • Analogue v Digital, Synths, Mastering

Week 7

  • Branding

  • Create the hype

  • Present yourself as an artist

Week 8

  • Get prepared and project management

  • Setting goals to get in the flow. Databases, Invoicing, Lists.

  • What to organising before pitching a song Split sheets and Spreadsheets

Week 9

  • Pitching

  • Preparing to pitch your song Building relationships

  • What to prepare

  • How to pitch

Week 10

  • Time to get out there

  • Recapping the weeks listening session

  • Special guest expert (TBA)


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