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Last Minute Productions PTY LTD

StudioRCC: What are you syncing

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Fridays, 6pm to 8pm Friday 22 October to Friday 10 December

Last Minute Productions presents "What are you syncing" Facilitated by @michawalter.

Learn how to write and produce songs for getting your music placed in Film, TV, games and ads. 

Learn the techniques to reach out authentically to the industry with the aim to monetize your music! 

A packed and free 10 week course with industry guests, tips and Insights into the business of getting Synched! 

What you will learn:

Week 1:
  • A course intro | What is sync? Common song themes.

  • Research music in Film/TV/Ads etc know the industry players

  • How to reach out authentically

Week 2:
  • Analyzing a song

  • What goes into a successful song? Analysing songs that work

Week 3:
  • Songwriting

  • The Song-writing process

  • How to collaborate | Writing on zoom (tech aspects) Recording a demo

Week 4:
  • Feedback, rewriting, registering & licencing

  • Asking for feedback

  • Rewriting your song Publishing & Master Licencing APRA & Copyright

Week 5
  • Production

  • Taking your demo from your phone to the studio. Recording techniques

  • Finding a producer

  • How to take your track to the next level

Week 6:
  • Mixing

  • Learn to mix your own music.

  • What is the job of the mixer?

  • Mixing techniques

  • Analogue v Digital, Synths, Mastering

Week 7
  • Branding

  • Create the hype

  • Present yourself as an artist

Week 8
  • Get prepared and project management

  • Setting goals to get in the flow. Databases, Invoicing, Lists.

  • What to organising before pitching a song Split sheets and Spreadsheets

Week 9
  • Pitching

  • Preparing to pitch your song Building relationships

  • What to prepare

  • How to pitch

Week 10
  • Time to get out there

  • Recapping the weeks listening session

  • Special guest expert (TBA)

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Last Minute Productions PTY LTD



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