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Pocket City Farms

Weaving with nature

31A Mallett St
Camperdown NSW 2050

Saturday 8 October 2022 from 10am to 2pm


Adult: $150.50

Taking things right back to basics, 'Wildcraft Australia' teaches the skills necessary to go into the wilderness and draw all of your needs from nature.

They believe that through a deeper understanding of the natural world we can gain a sense of our place within it and can develop a very real sense of belonging. Now that's pretty beautiful. 

Join us on the farm and learn the traditional art of basket weaving. In this practical and therapeutic workshop, you will learn what local materials can be used for basket weaving and you will weave a 'coil' style basket with your very own hands. They'll cover the basics of basket making so that you can then go on to make as many baskets as the heart desires! 

You'll take home your beautiful little basket along with information about what local material can be used, how to process it, and natural dyes.

Suitable for: All ages + Beginner - intermediate weavers.

Provided: Materials to weave + notes to take home. 

Bring: *All optional.  Spray bottle, scissors, any examples of baskets you have or you have made, and any materials that you think could be used for basket weaving.

Pocket City Farms is continuously updating our covid practices to make our workshops and events as safe as possible, following the current guidelines and recommendations.

The teachers: 

Nikki of Wildcraft Australia has been travelling to Arnhemland since 2008 and has learnt traditional weaving from the Yolgnu Women at a small community near Elcho Island. Each trip gives her a greater understanding of this simple process that takes a lot of time to master.

Nikki will also be joined by Clio, who has also connected with the same community in Arnhemland as well as weaving teachers on the East Coast of Australia. The women in Arnhemland are master weavers, whilst Nikki and Clio think of themselves as apprentices. They have taken what they have learnt and have researched and tested local materials that can be used for weaving as well as dyeing.

Nikki and Clio have been given permission to share the techniques they have been taught, and have an ongoing relationship with the master weavers of the community near Elcho Island. They love sharing what they have learnt and have seen people take what they learn and weave it into their lives in so many different ways.

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