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Conservatorium Open Academy

VoiceWorks workshop


Saturday 27 February from 10am to 3:30pm

Enhancing vocal control and care.

This practical skills-based workshop aims to provide teachers, professionals and anyone else who would like to use their voice more effectively with the fundamentals of how the voice works, how to use it better and how to look after it. It will also benefit students whose career path requires confident vocal use.

Voice Works teaches the basics of vocal anatomy and function using spoken and pitched exercises. Topics include posture, breathing, phonation and pitch, resonance, articulation and vocal health. All the workshop material is based on current voice research. This group workshop is for anyone interested in improving vocal quality, vocal confidence and endurance, and overall vocal care.  


This workshop will b e conducted along the Covid-safe guidelines developed by the University of Sydney including social distancing, sanitisation and contract tracing protocols. For more information please visit

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Conservatorium Open Academy


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