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Vive Active

Vive Active: Official opening in Neutral Bay

3-5 Young St
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Thursday 8 April from 12am to 7pm


Starting from: $29

Strength and flexibility go hand in hand, much like pumping tunes and neon lights.

Vive Active is renowned for both, and with the launch of their bigger bolder studio in Neutral Bay, this evolving fitness empire will now be providing the Lower North Shore with a group workout experience unlike any other.

Wellness gurus, Pilates pros, and the downright uncoordinated are all invited to experience the sensory mayhem that is Vive Active, everyone is welcome behind their bright doors. 

Traditional Pilates but make it trendy; this lavish reformer-focused studio houses 24 of the resistance workout machines gaining popularity in gyms and studios across the nation. Utilising self-weight exercises and resistance training techniques, Vive Active Neutral Bay is the newest and largest of their studio locations offering a total-body workout routine bound to boost your mood for the remainder of the day. Often mistaken for an in-the-know nightclub, Vive Active is making sweaty sessions sexy with an electric aesthetic; think state of the art lighting that is bold neon strips, mirrored ceilings, and thumping soundtracks. 

Furthermore, the Neutral Bay launch marks the introduction of a completely new offering, Vive Sculpt, taking the relationship between Pilates and body sculpting to an entirely new level. With access to all new technology that can define your physique and assist in burning fat, Vive Active is the very first location in Australia whereby you can experience the non-invasive NEO Emsculpt equipment. Ahead of medical clinics and physios, Vive Active Neutral Bay will be home to this clinically proven, world-class, and celebrity endorsed method of toning major muscle groups.

Debunking all you know about Pilates to date, Vive Active Neutral Bay is brought to you by the same powerhouse couple behind Vive sister studios in Brookvale and Double Bay. Entrepreneur and fitness fanatic John Keats, and published author and nutritionist Louise Keats, are the husband and wife duo making fitness fun.

“No one does Pilates like we do. The music, the lights, all synchronised live for each individual session by our incredibly creative team. We want to do things bigger, better and louder, Neutral Bay is the natural next piece of that puzzle.” Louise Keats, Co-Founder and Director of Vive Active  

Covid-safe information

Please check in using the NSW Service app. Use sanitiser provided upon entry.

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Vive Active


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