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Curious Creatures

Turning Relationship Lead into Gold: working with conflict

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Wednesday 5 August from 6:30pm to 9:45pm


Starting from: $55

We will be seeing conflict as an opportunity for healthy self-development and change; we will be turning lead into gold!

This workshop (formerly called ‘Joy of Accusations) is about working with the accusations that inevitably flow from relationship conflicts.  It provides a robust and repeatable structure that has the potential to convert the escalatory or overwhelming power of conflicts into something more useful and positive for the relationship and the individuals in it. 

This workshop is pitched at professionals, as well as individuals that bring a desire to do better, and learn from, their own conflicts.  It has been used as professional development by counsellors, therapists, psychologists, mediators, and conflict resolution specialists – essentially, anyone working with people in conflict or disagreement.

At the core of this workshop is a structured exercise that can be repeatedly used in a variety of contexts, and that works as well when working with online clients as it does in person.

Most of our enduring relationships - with lovers, friends, family members, or coworkers - will eventually involve conflict.  Overt or covert accusations will emerge, often triggering a defensive response.  Conflicts and tensions in the outside world often deliver us similar opportunities to work with things that trigger us.

Our culture, education and upbringing seldom give us the skills to work positively with accusations. This is a great loss. Both the accusations that are directed at us, and the ones that we direct at others (even if they are never spoken aloud) provide an opportunity for learning and personal growth.

So many of our desires - becoming a better person, doing more of what we want to do in the world, having more meaningful relationships - can be achieved through approaching accusations differently.

The workshop is a mix of theory, discussion and a thorough inner-work exercise (which you discuss with others in a small group environment, to the level that’s right for you). It is likely you will leave this exercise with a new perspective on an existing relationship conflict, as well as having a tool for working on your own or other people’s conflicts in the future.

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Our 'rounds' of tickets are really simple: they're all the same, except that some of them are cheaper, to encourage you to book in early (because it makes a huge difference to us in terms of planning).

For this workshop, tickets range in price from $55 to $90, per person.

Bookings are essential

About Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures believe in sexual empowerment, self-development, community, consent, and communication.  We pursue these aims by running workshops, producing a podcast ('Curious Conversations About Sex'), hosting events, speaking publicly, and writing about topics close to our hearts.

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