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Travel guide to decarbonisation: How do we get there?

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Thursday 30 June from 9am to 10am

Join EnergyLab for a conversation with Visiting Entrepreneur Grace Sai covering her entrepreneurial journey and transition to the decarbonisation space.

Other international entrepreneurs will join for a panel discussion providing advice on how we can join them on this journey, with a particular focus on women entrepreneurs.

In keeping with the theme of the City of Sydney's Visiting Entrepreneur Program, the session will cover the FUTURE T.B.D:

  • To be discussed: Grace's entrepreneurial journey and transition to the climate tech space

  • To be dreamed: The future of climate tech and clean energy

  • To be debunked: Myths around decarbonisation as well as myths around being a woman in this space

  • To be debated: Will open the conversation to our panel and audience for a Q&A.

Visiting Entrepreneur

  • Grace Sai – Co-Founder and CEO, Unravel Carbon


  • Carola Jonas – Co-Founder and CEO, Everty

  • Jane Melia – Co-Founder and CEO, Harvest Thermal

  • Camille Socquet-Clerc – Co-Founder and Director, Bloom Impact Investing


  • Megan Fisher – CEO, EnergyLab


  • Kate Neary – Programs Manager, EnergyLab

About Grace Sai

Grace is the Co-Founder and CEO of Unravel Carbon, an enterprise software that helps companies track and reduce their carbon emissions, backed by Sequoia and Y Combinator. Grace was a VC who invested in early stage tech startups, a Kauffman Fellow and is widely regarded as a node of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Asia. She has been nominated as Gen T by Singapore Tatler (2018), Great Women of our Times by Women's Weekly (2017), and is a UN Women Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador. She holds two Masters degrees with Distinction from Oxford and INSEAD.

About Carola Jonas

Carola is the CEO and Co-Founder of Everty, an electric vehicle charging network and charging station management software solution. Everty works with EV owners, businesses, utilities and other organisations to increase the uptake of EVs and making EV ownership and use easier. Carola is working with EnergyLab to build and grow a vibrant start-up community of clean-tech companies and female entrepreneurs.

About Jane Melia

Jane Melia is the CEO and Founder of Harvest Thermal, with a mission to bring clean energy to every home, help transition away from gas comfortably, safely and affordably. Jane has held business leadership roles at multiple technology startups, including solar company SolFocus, energy storage company EnerVault, and quantum tech company QuintessenceLabs.

About Camille Socquet-Clerc

Camille is the Founder of Bloom Impact Investing, an early-stage company on a mission to build a carbon-free economy that allows people and the planet to thrive. Bloom Impact Investing helps people invest in climate solutions and learn about sustainable finance so that they can build their wealth while making a difference.

About EnergyLab

EnergyLab is Australia and New Zealand’s largest climate tech startup accelerator and innovation network dedicated to reaching net zero emissions.

The Visiting Entrepreneur Program is produced by the City of Sydney with partner organisations from the local startup ecosystem. The 2022 edition is kindly supported by Tech Central and the Greater Cities Commission.

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