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The Source: Immersive 2-day workshop

Reclaim, Rewire, Return with Cat Kabira

Discover your superpowers and join us for this immersive workshop for one or two days, and dive inwards to meet the omnipotence brewing inside you.

Internationally-recognised yoga teacher Cat Kabira will guide you to step into your power and listen with a whole new awareness, using tools of dynamic and soft movement, subtle energetic work, yogic vision questing and meditation.

We discover our superpowers when we trust and listen to ourselves, an important reminder that what happens in our physical, mental, emotional and subtle bodies, influences our entire world.

Cat Kabira is a master of the subtle energetics. She is a very different kind of yoga teacher, offering something unique, soft and subtle yet immensely strong and powerful. She will help plant the seeds that will leave you moving into action, and reconnect with the promise of you.

  • Day 1: Coming home and fierce sensitivity
  • Day 2: Your Soul Path: pleasure, anger, voice

Some questions we will explore:

  • why it’s important and how to ground yourself
  • why this is essential for healing, embodiment, why we have a habit of leaving, how to stay, and why this is essential in our regular lives as well as deeper energetic practices
  • what it feels like to live from your core, how to healthily function as an empath, the power of “fierce sensitivity,” knowing when you abandon yourself, the pleasure of your own power
  • how self-trust strengthens your energy field and super-senses
  • own your boundaries and the magic of “no”
  • your energy field and what creates holes in the field
  • connect with your ancestors and how that creates imprints and ties in your current self
  • feel your own undercurrents
  • know how your body uniquely speaks your truth to you.

For more information on this workshop and full line-up of talks and workshops as part of YOKE POP-UP during this year’s Sydney Fringe.



17 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia
Underneath Verona


Saturday 21 September 2019 from 9.30am to 1.30pm
Sunday 22 September 2019 from 9.30am to 1.30pm

join us for this immersive workshop for one or two days


1-day: $79.00
2-days: $140.00

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