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Tania Smith: Untitled (Bundle)

An absurdist video considering the things we are bound to...

A woman walks, tiptoes, or runs through the streets carrying a bundle.

It is unclear what she carries or to what purpose.

Perhaps it is a ‘Macguffin’ (a filmic term signifying a prop or plot device that is never explained but exists only to further the narrative).

The term ‘byndelle’ is an old English word meaning ‘binding’ and is believed to be the origin of the modern term, bundle. It is an unpretentious term, to “drop one’s bundle”, or “a bundle of joy”.

I have been thinking about this lately, the stuff we carry around (in both a literal and metaphorical sense).

And the unexamined and unthinking actions we perform in our lives. This absurd video considers the things in life that we are bound by, or bind ourselves to.



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Thursday 21 March to Sunday 7 April 2019

Last Sunday, Gallery closes at 3pm for deinstall


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