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Last Minute Productions

StudioRCC: Ableton for Beginners


Wednesdays, 6pm to 8pm Wednesday 6 September to Wednesday 8 November

Last Minute Productions and Music Studio Redfern Community Centre bring you Ableton Live.

A free 10-week course facilitated by Billy Kang from TAFE (Ultimo). Billy is an industry professional with 5+ years teaching Ableton Live.

This group will be delivered from the music studio at Redfern Community Centre on Wednesday's evenings from 6pm-8pm weekly face to face.

Limited capacity. Bookings essential.

You will learn:

  • All that you need to know so you can write that first track in your head.

  • How to install Ableton and set it up right.

  • What track to use and when.

  • You'll be taken through Ableton's best instruments & devices so your songs sound slick.

  • You'll be shown how to make some killer drums to get you moving.

  • You'll program your first bass line and melody.

Also, have you ever wanted to record your own vocal or record someone else's? We'll do that as well.

Plus we'll help you arrange your song so it sounds just like a real song!

We'll also help you mix your song down and do some mastering as well to help it sound professional. I'll help break down some music theory and synthesis into chunks you can understand.

Course outline details:

  • Setting up Ableton Live

  • Tour of the GUI

  • Understanding what different tracks do

  • What is an instrument?

  • What is a device?

  • What are effects?

  • How to program great sounding drums

  • How to program a bass line

  • How to program a melody

  • Recording some vocals

  • Understanding music theory

  • Tricks to help you arrange a song

  • Mixing down your song

  • Mastering your song

StudioRCC programs are for adults 18 years and over. Any participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

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