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Celeste Moroney | Me AfterWork

Online Speed Coaching

See event description for details on how to connect

Wednesday 12 August from 7pm to 8:15pm

It’s fast-paced. You won’t have a lot of time.

The premise of speed coaching is to ascertain whether you connect with one or more life coaches and/or receive an introduction to the coaching experience. That’s it. Our advice is to not try to work things out, but to go with what feels good.

Are you looking, thinking, or intrigued about coaching, but:

  • Don’t know where to start?

  • Not entirely sure whether you need a coach or not?

  • Don’t know much about life coaching, but have heard people have had good results

  • You're not sure how a life coach could help your specific situation

  • Feel a little intimidated with the whole process and the idea of potentially sharing /opening up

  • Are not sure what a coach can teach you that you don’t already know

  • Intrigued but also feel sceptical about coaching and over analysis.

Online speed coaching is a great way to meet coaches and experience coaching.

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Celeste Moroney | Me AfterWork


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