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Smart cities explained

Discover how technology is changing cities in this free 1-hour chat

Discover the technologies that are changing your city in this free talk for curious people.

What is a smart city and what does it look like? Waste bins that empty themselves? Street lighting that only comes on when needed? Apps that let us know where we’ll find a park for our car? Or better, public transport that is more in tune with demand?

Join Johanna Pitman, who led the smart cities accelerator program CityConnect, to explore these world-changing technologies.

In just 1 hour you’ll get a better understanding of the opportunities and risks of emerging technology in city life, including:

  • how it’s already improving people’s lives in thousands of cities worldwide by reducing energy consumption, improving water management and cutting traffic congestion and pollution.
  • how we can continue to create liveable environments in growing urban centres where people and businesses can both thrive.
  • streamlining communications between you and the people who run your city.
  • risks of surveillance, diminished privacy and cyber-crime.

Also find out where and how you can experience smart cities technology right here in the City of Sydney area.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to enjoy this free event and there will be opportunities for discussion and questions.

Johanna Pitman
Johanna led BlueChilli’s CityConnect smart cities accelerator program. The program co-created solutions to address challenges faced by the world’s urban communities. Before that she was Deputy CEO for the Committee for Sydney, an independent think-tank advocating for global best practice in city-making.

Johanna has a deep understanding of urban issues and economic development. She is passionate about connecting the right players to create smart cities that are prosperous, inclusive and liveable for all.

Speaker provided by Spark Festival.

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Tuesday 27 August 2019 from 6pm to 7pm


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