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Slow flow yoga

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Fridays, 12pm to 1pm Friday 25 September to Friday 27 November

Slow flow yoga incorporates a blend of Vinyasa (dynamic flowing poses) and Hatha (longer held poses).

The slower pace encourages connection of mind, body and breath and an opportunity to find mindfulness within the movement. Great for those who would like to build strength and stability, awareness and decrease stress levels, cultivating a sense of calm. 

Class incorporates flowing and longer held Yoga poses that are standing, lying and seated. There is a mixture of gentle and more challenging poses, breathing techniques and meditation. Options will be given throughout the class, so that you can practice in your own way, making the practice suitable for everyone.

Please make sure you have a clear area to move. Take breaks when needed to drink water or to have a breather. Exercise within your physical limits to stay safe and injury free. 

It is recommended that people who have not been physically active and/or are aged 60 years and over consult a medical professional prior to participation in any online directed fitness activities. 

You can check your health clearance prior to starting, using our online pre-exercise form.  

If you answer yes to any of the questions, it is recommended to seek medical clearance before starting any online or physical exercise centre workouts. If you have any questions or concerns, please email on the address provided.

There are no fees to participate in our online fitness classes. Book your spot here.

About your instructor

Claire Cunneen has been in the Fitness Industry since 1997. She holds a Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Certificate in Older Adult’s Fitness and is a Yoga Therapist, along with many other qualifications. Drawing from both personal and professional experiences throughout this time, she has developed a passion for helping others to live not only healthier, but happier lives. She is dedicated to creating sessions that are welcoming and inclusive for everyone. Her teaching is beneficial for the physical body, soothing for the mind, yet also fun and uplifting. Her goal is to positively impact anyone that she encounters - inspiring people to feel connected, happier, and live life to the fullest, no matter who they are, what body they are in, or what stage of life they are at. She is striving towards making Yoga accessible and available to everyBODY, everywhere.


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