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Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Simone Young conducts Mozart's Requiem


Wednesday 4 August from 8pm to 10pm Thursday 5 August from 1:30pm to 3:30pm Friday 6 August from 8pm to 10pm Saturday 7 August from 8pm to 10pm


Starting from: $39

It’s one of the most famous classical choral works we have. But the story of Mozart’s Requiem Mass remains something of a mystery. How much of it did he actually finish?

To add to the intrigue, Mozart himself did not know from whom he had received the commission.

Unfinished at the time of his death, the music we hear today reveals Mozart’s highly charged state. As Beethoven put it, "If Mozart did not write the music, then the man who wrote it was a Mozart."

Chief Conductor Designate Simone Young leads our four Australian soloists and choir.

  • Mary Finsterer Fifty Fanfares Commission

  • Schubert Offertorium (Intende voci)

  • Mozart Requiem

  • Simone Young conductor

  • Eleanor Lyons soprano

  • Caitlin Hulcup mezzo-soprano

  • Steve Davislim tenor

  • James Clayton baritone

  • Sydney Philharmonia Choirs

Concert update: 31 May 2021

Siobhan Stagg, who was to appear as our soprano soloist in this concert, is no longer able to come to Australia. We are excited to announce her replacement as Australian soprano Eleanor Lyons.

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