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Shen Yun 2023 - Sydney


Thursday 27 April from 7:30pm to 9:45pm Friday 28 April from 7:30pm to 9:45pm Saturday 29 April from 2pm to 4:15pm Saturday 29 April from 7:30pm to 9:45pm Sunday 30 April from 2pm to 4:15pm Thursday 4 May from 7:30pm to 9:45pm Friday 5 May from 7:30pm to 9:45pm Saturday 6 May from 2pm to 4:15pm Saturday 6 May from 7:30pm to 9:45pm Sunday 7 May from 2pm to 4:15pm Sunday 7 May from 7:30pm to 9:45pm

Performances start right on time. Please plan ahead to arrive well in advance. The performance is one whole experience—you won’t want to miss any part of it.


Adult: $299-$115

New York-based Shen Yun returns to Sydney with limited shows for this season.

IMAGINE a performance that displays 5,000 years of culture in one night. A seamless blend of:

  • timeless stories

  • live East-West orchestration

  • innovative digital backdrops

  • a deeply expressive dance form

Shen Yun is something you have to see to believe. Join us to witness the reborn of an ancient civilisation.

The Beauty of Divine Beings Dancing

The gong resounds, the curtain opens, and a heavenly scene is right before your eyes. Fairies emerge from a sea of billowing clouds. Mongolians ride on horseback across grasslands as vast as the sky. Classic stories of love and loss, of humour and heroic deeds, come to life. You will be amazed by how vibrant, exciting, and profound classical Chinese culture can be.

Watch Trailer & Audience Reviews:

A Divine Culture—Lost

Through breathtaking dance and music, Shen Yun’s artists tell of a time when divine beings walked upon the earth, leaving behind a culture that inspired generations. Ancient Chinese wisdom, infused with Buddhist and Taoist spirituality and values, gave birth to everything from medical innovations to opera, dance, architecture, and even martial arts. But after decades of communist rule, much of this divinely inspired culture has been destroyed or forgotten.

5,000 Years of Civilisation Reborn

Shen Yun is a brilliant artistic revival and celebration of China’s rich cultural heritage.

Each performance consists of about 20 pieces, quickly moving from one legend, region, or dynasty to the next. Themes range from the delicate elegance of Tang court ladies to the battlefield heroics of valiant generals, from the timeless philosophical works of Lao-Tzu to spectacular scenes of magical realms. Some pieces also touch upon the topic of today’s China, shedding light on the oppression many experience for their spiritual beliefs, such as Falun Dafa. These tales of courage are often what audience members find the most touching and uplifting.

Shen Yun’s works convey the extraordinary depth and breadth of genuine Chinese culture, and bring the magnificence of five thousand years of civilisation back to life on stage.

A Global Sensation

Shen Yun tours to some 150 cities around the world each year. From Tokyo to Paris, Sydney to New York, Shen Yun’s live performances garner thunderous applause and accolades from full houses everywhere.

Some audience members drive hundreds of miles to see it. Others watch the same performance five or six times. Why? There are simply no words to describe it—you have to see it with your own eyes to find out.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime.

"Exquisitely beautiful. An extraordinary experience for us and the children." —Cate Blanchett, Academy Award-winning actress 

"Entertainment of the highest order... An exemplary display of excellence." —Stage Whispers

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