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Run Against Violence

Run against violence virtual team challenge

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Every day, all day Sunday 30 August to Thursday 17 September

Run Against Violence is a volunteer-based, member association established to use running and other sporting activities as a conduit for engaging the broader community in family violence prevention.

We are on a mission to create a positive culture within our local communities, to remove the stigma and social barriers that often stop people from talking about their experiences with violence and asking for help when it is needed.

Starting 30 August 2020, groups of up to 20 people will walk or run 1300km from Broken Hill to Sydney in 19 days. The route retraces the real-world 2017 Steps Together Ultramarathon. This Challenge is the only opportunity you have to run this route, virtually.

The best part is that while you're having a heap of fun, you also get to be a super-hero. By taking steps together, you will make your community a better place for others.


Run Against Violence chose the Broken Hill to Sydney route for many reasons. 

The route links more than 25 communities, from remote to metropolitan, showing that family violence impacts us all.

The 1300kms covered equates to 1.7 million steps. That's the estimated number of Australians who experienced physical abuse before the age of 15*.

Family violence is a big problem in our local communities. We know that people who experience violence can feel stigmatised and alone. They don't reach out for help for fear of their safety and what people will say and think. Every one of us has the power to change that. By starting conversations, we rip down those social barriers. That makes it much easier for people to ask for help and to heal from their experiences.

After our 2017 Broken Hill to Sydney Virtual Challenge, 59% of participants surveyed said they had more conversations. 58% said they shared more stories and articles about family violence prevention. All those small steps shatter the silence for people who experience family violence. This year we all want more!

* Sourced from Appendix 9 Australian Human Rights Commission 2015, Children’s Rights Report 2015, based on ABS Personal Safety Survey 2012 data.

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