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REMIX Summit Sydney 2022


Every day, 8:15am to 5pm Tuesday 8 March to Wednesday 9 March


Starting from: $295+GST

REMIX Sydney is Australia’s biggest Creative Industries summit.

A national gathering that brings together pioneers from a myriad of industries to explore the future of the creative and cultural industries, creative cities and the creative economy. REMIX Summits are held worldwide in cities including New York, London, Istanbul, Dubai, and Sydney; attended by thousands of cultural leaders, creatives, startups, businesses, policy makers and media.

REMIX Sydney 2022 will be a special one-off summit with the support of the national RISE program created to help the arts and entertainment sector reactivate and the event is designed to support the recovery and reinvention of the cultural sector after a tumultuous year. It will be a field guide to what’s coming next, where together we will explore the rapid shifts that are occurring and accelerating in fields such as technology, society and the environment – both as a result of COVID-19 and more generally. We will explore the impact of these on the creative economy in Australia as we begin to re-emerge post-COVID. The Summit will shine a light on those changemakers that have adapted to this new environment.

REMIX Sydney will be an in person gathering

The 2022 edition of REMIX features 50+ speakers inc. ILM (Industrial Light & Magic – Disney), ACMI, YouTube, Airbnb, the new Science Gallery in Melbourne and the former Global Creative Director of Apple – you can also view our hall of fame to see previous speakers, from the founder of Glastonbury to NASA.

For more information and to book your tickets, visit our website.

Covid-safe information

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  • Event capacity must be calculated using the 2sqm capacity. This may require monitoring to ensure that the maximum number of people in these areas is not exceeded



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