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Our house is on fire

Law School Building (F10)
Eastern Ave
Camperdown NSW 2006

Tuesday 3 March from 4pm to 5:30pm

Dr Tanya Fiedler in Conversation with Professor Michael Mann.

In the wake of the catastrophic bushfires that have devastated Australia this summer, a growing groundswell of the population are demanding greater action on climate change and the rapid decarbonisation of our economy. And yet, business as usual goes on, leading many to feel powerless in the face of this existential juggernaut.

So, what can we do? What are the ways in which we – as business students, researchers, educators, administrators and managers – can engage our respective communities to bring about change? How can we, as non-climate scientists, employ the personal and professional skills at our disposal to become agents of change?

Join this inclusive discussion where you can ask questions of why climate change matters to business and what types of changes we can affect, as well as how we navigate the ethical dilemmas we will face on the way.


  • Dr Michael Mann

  • Dr Tanya Fiedler

  • Professor Christopher Wright

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