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Online Social

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Tuesday 4 August from 8pm to 10pm


Starting from: $15Ranging to: $30

We have a surprisingly good solution to the problem many of us are facing: Social isolation. 

One of the best things about being human is hanging out with other humans, and a lot of folks are starting to miss that.

Many of you have experienced our popular social event, ‘Curiously Social Creatures’, which we used to hold at a pub. At this event, after breaking you into small groups, we give you a structured conversation activity that has the capacity to cut through the usual social norms that hold us back, and deliver us some very real and interesting connections with other people.

We are absolutely delighted to say that our online version of this event, the 'Online Social', is proving in many ways to be better than the in-person version. We've found ways to use the technology that make it feel comfortable and invisible; it's actually easier to connect and relax with people than it is at the pub!

Once you’ve logged on, we’ll show you a short training video, then break you into a group of about five people. One person asks a question, which each person answers, and then it's the next person's turn to ask a question. This deceptively simple little game is at times profound, funny, intriguing, and surprising. It's a profoundly efficient and enjoyable way to hang out with other people.

After you've been in that group for about an hour, we'll have a break, and then put you in with a second group of people, also for about an hour.

At the end of the Social, if you've connected with someone and would like to offer to share your details, we have a safe, easy, and totally optional way for you to do that.

Tickets range from $15-$30. Additionally, free tickets (donated by us, or by community members) are available to every session. If you’ve been financially impacted by coronavirus, please take advantage of these tickets. They’re there for you.

At Socials, you’re welcome to enjoy a glass or two of alcohol.

  • Facilitator/s: Roger Butler or Tess

  • Version: Public - all welcome!

  • Online Social is presented by Roger Butler or Tess.

Find out more about Rog, Tess and the team here

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Our 'rounds' of tickets are really simple: they're all the same, except that some of them are cheaper, to encourage you to book in early (because it makes a huge difference to us in terms of planning).

For this workshop, tickets range in price from $15 to $30, per person. A few tickets are free.

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